Quiz 34 - The Slightly Weird Movie Quiz


1. In which film did Eli Wallach voluntarily sit in a barrel of oil until his private parts dissolved?

The Silent Flute.

2. In which film does Julie Andrews encourage minors to take drugs?

Mary Poppins. ( A spoonful of Sugar helps the medicine go down)

3. In which film did a man have his penis accidentally bitten off whilst sitting in a parked car?

The World According to Garp.

4. In which film was a man attacked by a turd?

I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle.

5. In which film did Amanda Donahue wear a strap on phallus?

Lair Of the White Wyrm.

6. In which film did the hero pull a table tennis ball sized 'bogey' from his nose?

Total Recall.

7. Name the film character who ate fifty hard boiled eggs for a bet?

Cool Hand Luke.

8. In which film did Steve McQueen eat insects for dinner?


9. In which famous thriller was chocolate sauce used for the blood in the main murder scene?


10. In which film did the hero eat a freshly killed raw rattlesnake?

Capricorn One.

11. In which film did a trapdoor hit someone's head causing an eyeball to be shot out and swallowed by someone else?

Evil Dead.

12. In which film did a wafer thin mint cause a man to explode, and what was his name? (1 point for each)

The Meaning Of Life. - Mr Creosote.

13. In which film does Robert Morley eat his own poodles?

Theatre Of Blood.

14. In which film does Yul Brynner have to chop off his own arm to stop himself falling to his death?

The Ultimate Warrior.

15. In the last scene of which film does the main character pluck out his own eyes?

X - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes.

16. Name the character played by Christopher Lee that had 3 nipples.


17. In Sleeper, what was the only part of the leader's body left intact?

His Nose.

18. In which film does Yul Brynner appear in drag singing 'Mad About The Boy' to a nervous Roman Polanski?

The Magic Christian.

19. In which film does Julie Christie have sex with her home computer resulting in a half human half machine baby?

Demon Seed.

20. In which film do three corpses have their hands and feet removed, their teeth taken out and their faces mutilated, so that no-one can recognise them?

Shallow Grave